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Tips To Generate Better Sales
It's very important to look beyond the walls of your retail environment to learn if there are markets which you could serve.
  1. Approach nearby corporations that might be interested in giving employees truffles, or gift certificates, as a special "Thank You" or as a holiday gift.
  2. Weddings. This is a huge market to capitalize on, if you haven't done so already. Not only is it a chance to promote your truffles to hundreds of people, it gives you the opportunity to network with other retailers like florists and caterers for future business.
  3. Fund-raising is a niche that is worth pursuing. Community organizations are always in need of tasty treats to resell. Although you may have to offer the product at a discounted rate, the exposure is focused and can help increase the recognition of your store name.
  4. Offer gift baskets. Also, you may want to sell packaged truffles to other gift basket companies nearby - as they may be looking for local products to add as fillers.
  5. See which retailers are running local promotions in the paper or on the radio, and approach them on offering truffles as their "promotion." For example, if a customer makes a purchase, instead of getting 10% off, he or she gets a gift of 4 truffles. As well, sell car dealers on the idea of giving a unique "Thank You" box of truffles to new car owners.

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Capitalize on New Sales Markets
Below are some simple ideas that are often overlooked. Implementing these programs can substantially help to generate sales within your store.
  1. Utilize the effectiveness of sampling. The benefits outweigh the cost of other advertising strategies. Birnn manufactures a mini twist-wrap piece which is the perfect size to handout and "tease" the taste buds. Go one step further and hold "tasting events," similar to how retailers sell fine wines.
  2. Define a flavor of the month. Describe it in detail and tailor it to the specific time of year. You'll be amazed that by promoting one truffle, consumers will want to learn about and buy other flavors.
  3. Expand the above concept by creating a "Truffles of the Month Club". Encourage customers to buy or give a 3, 6, 9, or 12 month supply of truffles - which you'll ship directly to the recipient monthly.
  4. Ask your customers to sign a guest book and share comments. Make sure to have an area for them to print their address, so you can follow-up with a promotion or newsletter through the mail or internet.
  5. Train your employees to always say "What else would you like?" as the customer is finishing-up or checking-out. Birnn has proven this phrase to be extremely effective through their former retail operations.
  6. In addition to holiday packaging themes, promote gifts to address other needs - such as, hostess gifts or dinner party favors.

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